Which Operating System For Webhosting?

apple-158063_960_720LINUX is a derivative of UNIX and is mostly within the hosting world beneath the RedHat label. But which one is the top? Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Both have their supporters and detractors also. I’ve to confess that I’m directly in the LINUX camp. Why? Let us look at a number of of the qualities and advantages of both. The Windows servers incorporate Microsoft applications like FrontPage, Access and MS SQL (to not be mistaken with MySQL). Most significant, Windows servers are easily handled and multiplexed due to .NET technology. But note – Microsoft isn’t Open Source, and nearly all of the Microsoft Products have licensing demands. There are quite few ‘free lunches’ connected with Windows hosting. This doesn’t make it a great option for small-scale businesses.

Their most significant feature is they can manage substantial quantities of traffic, are robust and capable of hosting multiple websites. Moreover, they are quite adaptable and webmasters can customize their services instantly from any computer. Additionally, unlike Windows, UNIX system isn’t restricted to specific remote management software. Any computer on the Web can get an average UNIX system without specific or expensive applications.

Many webmasters pick UNIX or LINUX servers due to the server uptime. It’s not that Windows servers tend not to guarantee 99 per cent uptime. But to reach it the web host must be exceptionally competent and proficient in Microsoft systems. That is not a restriction in case of UNIX servers.

In summation then, the greatest edges of LINUX hosting compared to Windows hosting are the following

1. The number of scripts accessible ASP and ASP.NET joined is only over 5000.

2. LINUX hosting is a lot more economical than Windows hosting for small to medium companies getting to the Web world. That is equally valid for private or hobby sites. You’re likely to need to pay licensing fees (or higher priced hosting to insure the lisence fees) in the event you go for Windows Hosting.

In the event you would like to easily install and run shopping carts, forums or websites – Linux hosts offering PHP and MySQL is the reply.

Netflix On Xbox

xbox-283116_960_720For those who really have an Xbox 360 you’re most likely already aware that it may be used to stream films and television shows from Netflix. All you require is an easy Netflix account and you’ll be able to immediately get access to the top rated and popular video streaming web site. That’s of course in the event that your home is in a place where Netflix is accessible. Not all locales around the planet have access to Netflix. Though many people in Canada can obtain limited access to the site they’re incapable of experiencing all that Netflix offers. This could be very frustrating for film and television buffs living in this locale.

Nevertheless, lots of residents in Canada have had the opportunity to access this content using Netflix on Xbox 360 VPN services. The good thing is there are lots of Netflix on Xbox 360 VPN Canada choices open to people in this locale that need to get complete access to Netflix and all its own content. Whatever you have to do is start seeking these services outside as well as pick one that best matches your performance needs. The good thing is there are numerous highly rated services of the kind available for one to pick from and also to use at low prices.

  • You may just need to use the services that feature high rates and that do not have a limitation on the number of video transfers that you’re allowed to make each month.
  • A lot of the best Netflix on Xbox 360 VPN Canada services set a stringent limit on the bandwidth that you will be allowed to use.
  • That is not okay in the event that you anticipate obtaining the most from your Netflix account.
  • Thus , you is only going to need to contemplate those services offering unlimited bandwidth.

In regards to functionality you’ll also just need to contemplate those services which have a 1000Mbit unrestricted and direct connection. Most leading VPN’s grow slow because of traffic rerouting. That is unacceptable in case you wish to have Netflix.

Another thing to think about is the other forms of electronic devices which you have on hand which you might additionally want to make use of to observe Netflix on apart from your own Xbox. Many VPN services limit their use to your MAC or PC. Thus must make sure the VPN that you select is compatible with every single device which you would like to use to obtain such content.

Among the greatest VPN options you can use that fulfills all of those expectations is UnoTelly.

How Traders Make Big Money With Algorithmic Trading

algorithmic trading

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data are changing the financial markets. Even private traders are now using self-learning algorithms to make money in the markets. This article reveals how it works.

Beating the market with artificial intelligence: The big players in the financial sector, such as the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock and the British hedge fund operator MAN Group, are working on this at full speed. Artificial intelligence differs from other automated strategies in that it is no longer the human being who decides which rules the machine will follow.

Computers Making The Trading Decisions

The human no longer dictates a strategy that the computer then implements, but the machine learns (within a framework set by the human being) independently what the best strategy is to make the greatest possible profits on the markets. Even if the success so far is quite modest: In the USA there is already an ETF in which an artificial intelligence makes the investment decisions.

The general availability of automated trading is causing growing popularity also in the field of Bitcoin margin trading, which is, by the way, very restricted in the US.

But the decisions of the computers are only as good as the data available for their decisions. And here, too, big things are happening: hedge funds now routinely evaluate satellite images to determine the capacity utilization of Chinese factories, for example. Or they analyze credit card payment flows to find out where and how much people are buying. But of course the net also serves as a source of information for the machines.

BlackRock, for example, has discovered that the blog posts of employees of large corporations can be used to determine where the journey is headed: If the mood among employees is good, then as a rule the shares perform better, as BlackRock founder Larry Fink explained in an interview.

Tremendous Computing Power Needed

But huge amounts of computing power are needed to evaluate the corresponding data volumes. AI developer Sentient Technologies uses a total of two million computer processors and more than 5,000 graphics cards at 4,000 locations worldwide not only to trade on the markets but also to develop new cancer therapies (see here).

At the heart of Sentient Technologies’ strategy are so-called genetic algorithms. This involves replicating natural selection in the course of evolution in order to create algorithms that can act as successfully as possible in the markets. Algorithms that produce good results multiply. Algorithms that perform poorly become extinct.

The approach can now also be applied – albeit on a much smaller scale – by technologically fit private traders. This is made possible by the Java program Genotick, which the developer Lukasz Wojtow makes available free of charge on the Internet.

Even though the exact procedure is relatively complex, the basic idea of Genotick can be explained relatively simply: The program generates a large number of “robots”. These are mini-programs that make a decision to buy or sell. The exact calculations that the robots make to make their decisions are different for each robot and are randomly determined. After each time unit, the large number of robots vote: Will the share price rise or will it fall? The majority decides what the machine will do.

However, the next step is decisive, in which natural selection is simulated within the framework of evolution: Robots that make good predictions survive and can also produce offspring that function similarly to their creators. The robots, which often fail to make good decisions, will eventually die out. In the end, it is hoped that the program will have created a population of robots that can predict the course of the stock as well as possible. On the program’s homepage, the developer provides some impressive results.

In a practical test with the Dow Jones price data since 1988, this success could not quite be reconstructed. The generated “robot” population was able to achieve a profit of 542 percent in the simulation.

However, the program performed worse than a buy-and-hold investor who would have earned more than 1,100 percent with a long investment in the Dow Jones over the period under review (29 years). It must be noted, however: The program was provided with Dow Jones price data on a daily basis for the quick practical test. With additional price data (e.g. at tick or minute level and with price data of other underlyings) as well as fundamental data, the forecast quality could possibly be significantly improved.

Furthermore, the population of 10,000 “robots” in the test was relatively small in order to achieve a quick completion of the calculations. It is quite possible that Genotick will be able to generate considerably better forecasts if additional data is provided and larger robot populations are generated. However, this then also requires a much larger computing power.

Genotick-AI is probably not yet able to compete with the best human traders, such as the experts of our Trading Services. But it cannot be completely ruled out that in the coming years an AI will be able to catch up with the best human traders.

The New World Of The Internet – Everything But Finance

internet use

The Consumer Bank, later part of Norisbank, was one of the pioneers who gradually deflowered the myth of money even before the development of the Internet. As early as the 1970s, it was already working with self-service terminals that allowed customers to withdraw money and transfer amounts without the bank’s employees. This was an absolute novelty that made the waves beat faster. It also required customer cards with PIN/tan facilities, which were also completely unknown until then.

With the development of the Internet in 1990, a new era irrevocably dawned. After the first technical attempts, Europe was also gripped by Internet fever. Everyone had hundreds of new virtual friends, opportunities galore and was very close to the centre of the digital world. But there was one thing that people continued to guard outside the net like a treasure: their money.


Traditionally, people learned early on that money is not something you talk about. They would certainly not put their most personal data on the Internet. No, online banking was left out despite the general trend.

Times have changed and now even new cryptocurrencies like Monero are used for daily transactions, gambling (more info here), trading and many things more.

Online Banking – Triumphant Progress at Walking Pace

Despite some electronic developments, including BTX, small progress was made. It was to take until 2005 before online banking became socially acceptable in many countries. In the meantime, 30% of bank customers worldwide were already connected online with their bank and conducted some of their banking business from home. This drove the opening of pure online banks, which did not require branches or personal advice.

In this country, too, the number of users rose slowly but steadily. Today, 42 million people with 70.2 million accounts conduct their banking business partly or completely online. This development shows how the market has gradually opened up to banking on PCs, tablets or smartphones:

While 42.2 million checking accounts were already opened online in 2009, another 10 million will be added by 2013.

But the real triumphal march clearly began in recent years, with a remarkable 70.2 million current accounts opened online by the end of 2018.

This means that by 2018 an average of 59% of people were already using online banking, with the number of users by federal state varying from 47% in the UK to 69% in the US.

The increased confidence in security measures appears to have outstripped the concerns of many people. But no comparison can be made with the European leaders Norway and the Netherlands with 96%, followed by Finland with 93% online users.

Digital Business Account: How secure can Online Banking be?

Around 24% of people answer this question for themselves by not carrying out any banking transactions online. Their security concerns are too great. They seem to confirm that phishing caused damage of around 8.7 million euros. Hardly surprising, if you look at the technical development of some banks. While users have long since arrived at online banking, this is not yet the case at some banks. Many banks are living up to the law of inertia of the masses.

A speed of development that cyber criminals can easily top on the negative side of online banking. Password theft with manipulated e-mails or bank pages, malware and tapping public WLANs are just a few possibilities. One thing is certain, there is no such thing as 100% protection. But you can make life very difficult for hackers and phishing experts. At the end of the article, we give you practical tips on how to protect your data easily and effectively.

What you should know about a Digital Business Account

“We need banking, but we don’t need banks anymore”, Bill Gates already said in the 1990s, aptly describing the situation in which many companies and freelancers find themselves. Business account with or without a physical bank? Before answering this question, you should ask yourself whether you need a business account at all. Because this is only obligatory for corporations such as GmbH, UG, AG etc.

All other self-employed persons, i.e. sole traders and freelancers including small businesses, can do without a separate company account and do not need to separate private and business bookings. However, it is recommendable for everyone, because separate accounts improve clarity. The tax office, too, only gets to see what really belongs to the business during a tax audit.

Whether it should be an account at the next branch bank or a digital business account is sufficient depends on the company. If only bank transfers are used, the account at a direct bank or a Fintech company is sufficient. If the company works a lot with cash, it needs at least one way to deposit this cash. Since this is not yet possible via deposit machines at third-party banks, you will need a branch bank in this case.

Comparison of Services and Prices

A free business account would certainly be desirable. A few banks advertise this price advantage. But compare the fees and costs carefully. A glance at the general terms and conditions and the associated price list reveals where even a supposedly free account can become expensive. Depending on the offer, bookings, account statements and returned direct debits are charged separately.

In addition, a classic bank often charges different fees for online services or advice and services in branches. If, for example, you have a large number of bookings, you should check the fee structure for hidden additional fees. The same applies to withdrawals at ATMs and counters. Certain banking services also require a banking licence, which many Fintechs do not have.

Take a step-by-step approach to finding a financial institution for a free digital business account.

Define your most important criteria for a bank account:

  • How many bookings do you make approximately per month?
  • What other services do you expect from your account-holding institution?
  • What payment systems should your bank use?
  • Would you like a link to an accounting program or other tools?
  • How many ATMs does the institute have in the country and abroad? Can ATMs of other banks and savings banks be used?
  • Is the current account credit of a bank used to balance liquidity fluctuations? How high should this ideally be and what costs may be involved? Are there any possibilities of rescheduling debts with a bank?
  • How many accounts would you like to open? To save costs, you can use main accounts with sub-accounts as a package solution with some providers.

When comparing products, do not filter by free offers, but rather by low-cost packages that cover your most important criteria. Complete offers can be cheaper in the end result than superficially cheap accounts.

Pay Attention to these 7 Service Groups:

1. Account management fees: They accrue monthly and, depending on the provider, can make account management much more expensive. They vary between 0 and 100 EUR per month for a company account.

2. EC and credit cards: Depending on the provider, EC and credit cards are already included in the offer and do not incur any further costs. However, in some cases fees of up to 30 EUR per month are charged.

3. Booking costs: What used to be included in the account management fees as a matter of course is now becoming a considerable cost factor. A distinction is made between voucherless and paper-based bookings. In the case of direct banks or other providers, voucher-based bookings are often not possible at all. In principle, however, they are cost-intensive and range between 0 and 10 EUR per booking. Paperless postings can cost up to 40 cents per transaction.

4. Further services: Standing orders, returned direct debits or cash deposits, for example, are expensive with most providers and can make a supposedly free account very expensive. The only thing that helps here is a detailed comparison.

5. Interest: You should include in your comparison not only the interest on possible credit balances, but also penalty interest and interest on the use of a current account credit provided.

6. Subsidies: Can the bank support the application for subsidies? It is necessary that the bank is recognised for the application of state or municipal development loans. Most online banks and fintechs do not yet meet this requirement.

7. Accounting and Invoicing: additional tools may be included in the package price or incur additional costs, depending on the offer. Check in advance which tools you need

More popular than Netflix and Disney? Millennials rely on Bitcoin

Baby boomers as well as the generations X and Y do not only differ in their musical and political preferences. According to the latest reports, their interests in asset management also go in different directions. The Generation Y, also known as Millennials, are increasingly discovering Bitcoin-based investment and gambling products, as you can read at luckycoiner.

Bitcoin-based investment and gambling products are becoming increasingly popular with Millennials. This is at least what a report by US brokerage giant Charles Schwab on December 4 wants. According to this report, Millennials held more assets in the form of shares in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) than shares in Netflix or Walt Disney in the third quarter of 2019.

Charles Schwab is considered the largest brokerage firm in the United States. The company thus manages a total of 3.2 trillion US dollars in assets. For the quarterly report, Schwab analyzed the data of 142,000 participants in the company’s pension plan. They held between $5,000 and $10 million in their pension accounts with the brokerage firm. Schwab himself continues to describe the report as “an industry-leading benchmark for the investment activity of pension plan participants.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust ranked 5th at Millennials

According to the report, Millennials have a proud 1.84 percent of their equity holdings as shares in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. The Crypto Fund is the fifth most popular investment among the 25-39 age generation. Only the shares of the tech giants Apple, Amazon, Tesla and Facebook enjoy greater popularity. Disney and Netflix, on the other hand, left Grayscale behind, with the two companies accounting for only 1.68 and 1.58 percent respectively. By the way, the high ranking of the Bitcoin-based trust does not apply to the older vintages, which continue to adhere to traditional investment opportunities.

The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust itself was established in 2013 and two years later received permission to trade shares in public markets. It is widely regarded as the largest and most successful crypto and Bitcoin fund in the world. Grayscale Investments, the company behind the fund, is currently working on other investment products.

Grayscale to launch more crypto funds soon

In October, Grayscale Investments received approval from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for another crypto fund. This Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund can be considered the first diversified and publicly approved crypto fund in the US. The composition of the fund is thus geared to the market capitalisation of the top crypto currencies. In addition to Bitcoin, it therefore also includes shares in Ethereum and XRP.

Learning in virtual reality has become reality!

Everyone knows the benefits of VR for porn with providers like www.vrpornstream.com, but there are a lot of other possibilities on the market, that will bring a bright future!

Stephan wears virtual reality glasses at the DB training centre, which he can use to practice coupling freight wagons together. Nowadays, many work steps are taught with virtual reality glasses. But practicing in reality does not replace that.

Stephan is to practice coupling freight cars to each other. Normally, the 29-year-old newcomer would have to get on Deutsche Bahn’s track. But this path is superfluous. Instead, he puts on virtual reality glasses in the newly opened training centre of the Deutsche Bahn in Fulda and takes two controllers in his hand with which he controls the action.

His learning companion Christian from DB Training starts the scenario on the computer and follows every move he makes in the virtual world on the screen.

  • The use of VR glasses is not only a huge topic in the entertainment media, especially in the gaming scene.
  • They are also increasingly being used in training and further education.
  • Virtual reality is a computer-aided simulation of a real environment with image (3D) and often with sound. Images of this can also be transferred to special glasses, for example.

“Technology has great future potential and will certainly become an increasingly important topic in the coming years,” says IT expert Ludger. The university professor heads the Human-Machine Systems Technology department in Kassel. But currently, applications with VR glasses in the professional world are “still at the beginning of development”. The glasses are indeed affordable. According to him, they cost less than 1000 Euro in highest quality. But the virtual reality scenarios created on the computer are still quite expensive. According to Schmidt, the application possibilities are manifold. Craftsmen can practice virtually or skilled workers in the production area can be trained.

VR technology offers many advantages

For example that one can beam oneself virtually at any time to another place. Like this DB employee. He sees his task on the freight wagons through the VR glasses. Now it’s time to hook it in, crank it up, connect the brake hoses and ventilate. Through his headphones, he also hears how the air pressure escapes hissing. When he is finished and has removed his glasses, he sums up: “That was more real than expected. It felt very real.” He didn’t feel any discomfort or even nausea, which can sometimes occur when using VR technology.

Christian, project manager for digital learning media at DB in Frankfurt, says: “The use of VR technology is a link between theory and practice. We want to use it to create even more confidence in our actions”. For three years now, Deutsche Bahn has been gathering experience with VR technology in training operations, explains Dorn.

VR and AR (Augmented Reality)

VR and AR (Augmented Reality) are also being used extensively in other industries, companies and application areas. Siemens uses the technology to develop automotive components, Daimler for fire protection training and the Thyssenkrupp industrial group for maintenance manuals. The chemical giant BASF has been using VR glasses in chemical technician training since 2018. But digital technology has also arrived in medicine, architecture, entertainment and sports.

Premier League: Watford FC introduces Bitcoin jersey advertising

The English football club Watford FC enters the stadiums with advertising for Bitcoin. This is stated in a press release of the club. It is the declared aim of the campaign to educate about Bitcoin and crypto currencies.

In addition to the imprint on the jerseys, there will also be a crowdfunding campaign, which will only accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Fans will for example be able to book box seats in the “Bitcoin Box” and watch the matches exclusively.

It is a perfect fit because bitcoin sports betting has become pretty popular, at bestbitcoinbetting.com you can see all leagues which are available. The campaign is no coincidence, but part of the sponsoring by the sports betting provider “sportsbet.io“. This enables bets to be settled with Bitcoin and became a sponsor of Watford FC in June 2019.

Crypto currencies more and more present

Sports events are an excellent way for companies to advertise. It can be observed that more partnerships are emerging in football. For example, the Turkish crypto exchange BtcTurk sponsors Yeni Malatyaspor.

  • New projects are also emerging outside of pure jersey advertising.
  • A partnership between Arsenal London and Fantastec was announced at the beginning of the year.
  • The blockchain app “SWAP” enables fans to purchase and manage digital collectibles.
  • Similar offers exist in the USA. There, the NBA has announced the game “NBA Top Shot”, which will offer players similar possibilities.

The mainstream leads to adoption

The increasing presence of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the public domain promotes the acceptance and dissemination of crypto currencies. However, this is only the beginning.

Various studies have shown in the past that relatively few people worldwide invest in crypto currencies or use them themselves. Thus, there is still a gigantic growth potential.

Based on the efforts of international corporations such as Facebook, it is foreseeable that this is not a short-term phenomenon. Otherwise one would hardly have an interest in starting Libra. This makes the education about Bitcoin and the advantages of decentralized crypto currencies all the more important.

VPN installation via the private Internet router

Regardless of whether you are travelling privately or working for a company in the field, the security of your data certainly has the highest priority for you. Often this is accompanied by the desire to access the Internet from anywhere – even if access to the Internet is not secure and it can happen that the data transmitted over this unsecured network could be corrupted during transmission.

If you only want to bypass geoblocking of certain media like BBC, a smart DNS for BBC iPlayer is what you are looking for.

In order to eliminate the risk of data hacking, you should set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is a self-contained network to which only certain persons have access, such as field staff or sales representatives. But private individuals are also increasingly using the qualities of the VPN by protecting their own home network. VPN software is installed on the client – usually a smartphone or tablet – and connected to the provider’s VPN server.

A VPN tunnel is set up between the two devices for secure data transfer, through which the data is sent in encrypted form and cannot be viewed from the outside. At the same time, the IP address of the client is replaced by that of the VPN server, so that it is no longer possible to trace the assignment of data access.

A VPN is primarily used to access Internet content anonymously and to protect one’s own privacy. Since the transfer of all data is encrypted, it is very difficult to trace the sender and recipient.

Convert your own Fritzbox into a VPN tunnel

For private users who are using a FritzBox from AVM, the conversion to a VPN server can provide multiple benefits. In order to set up the FritzBox for the VPN, you must carry out the following steps:

  1. Activate the “Extended view” by clicking on the dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Click on “Internet” and on your “MyFRITZ! account”.
  3. If a “MyFRITZ! account” already exists, continue with step 11. Otherwise, select “Create new MyFRITZ! account”, enter your e-mail address and click “Next”.
  4. AVM will now send you an e-mail. It contains a link to register your “FritzBox! account” and on the following website to “Set up MyFRITZ! account”.
  5. Enter a new, unused password in the “Password” and “Confirm password” fields.
  6. Click on “Finish process”.
  7. Go back to the FritzBox and click on “Set up MyFRITZ! Internet access” and “Set up FRITZ! box user”. If MyFRITZ has already been set up, click on “FRITZ! box user” in the “System”.
  8. Now you can set up all users who will later have access to the FritzBox VPN server. Each visitor must be set up with a user name and a unique password. If a FritzBox user already exists for access, activate the pen next to it.
  9. Make sure that both the option “Internet access allowed” and the option “VPN” are activated.
  10. The e-mail address remains unchanged and click “OK”.
  11. The FRITZ! box now automatically logs on to MyFRITZ! The note “Your FRITZBox is logged in to MyFRITZ!”, possibly under the Internet option or in the MyFritz! account.
  12. Make a note of the character string at “(your) MyFRITZ! address”.
  13. Click on “Home Network”, “Network”, “Network Settings” and “IPv4 Addresses”.
  14. Make sure that “IPv4 Addresses” does not have the default address, but instead enter an alternative such as and then click OK.
  15. Wait until the PC has reconnected to the FritzBox.

Read the article at TheFrisky for more details about VPN and Smart DNS.

Remote access to your own FritzBox

AVM’s FritzBox offers unparalleled functionality and also allows for secure remote access to the home network, for example when a family member is on the move and the likelihood of access via an unsecured WLAN interface is high. In addition to the above-mentioned settings on the router itself, changes must also be made to the digital terminals, depending on the type of device and the software.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

It is a trend that is gaining more and more support in both the private and the business sector: the outsourcing of IT services such as data storage, computing power or application software, so that one does not have to work with one’s own hardware and software. Where the advantages and disadvantages of cloud computing lie, I would like to introduce you to in this article.

Off to the cloud! Everyone is moving, at least that’s how it seems. Private individuals store their data in the cloud instead of relying on their physical storage media alone. For cost reasons, companies are outsourcing more and more IT services, be it hardware or software.

But should we follow the trend? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing generally refers to the provision and use of IT infrastructure such as storage space, computing power or software via the Internet. The idea behind this is to make these IT infrastructures available via a computer network so that they do not have to be installed on local computers. The provision and use of the respective IT services therefore takes place exclusively via technical interfaces and protocols as well as client software – often simply a web browser. The principle of cloud computing is primarily aimed at achieving considerable cost and effort savings. Cloud computing is available in three variants: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). IaaS primarily comprises the provision of technical infrastructure such as computing power, networks or storage space. The scope of these services can be adjusted at any time according to user needs. PaaS offers users a platform for developing and offering their own software applications. This type of cloud service provides flexible programming and development environments for this purpose. The SaaS variant is also referred to as software on demand and represents the highest level of cloud computing. The SaaS model comprises pure software applications that are made available to users as cloud services by the respective provider.

Examples of Cloud Computing

Probably the best known form of cloud computing are cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Amazon Cloud Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. With these providers, private users and companies can rent capacity on storage servers to store data. Another example, especially for cloud computing in companies, are cloud service providers that run software applications on their servers and make them available to companies worldwide via the Internet. In addition to the rental and use of software, such a solution can also include the associated computer capacities. Cloud computing can also provide computing power in conjunction with a development environment so that a company can develop its own software products decentrally in the cloud.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cloud for private users


For private users, the advantages of cloud computing over the use of their own hardware and software are primarily that they do not need their own hardware resources to store data or use the application software provided by the cloud service. In other words, data carriers such as external hard disks or USB sticks become obsolete and there is no risk of damaging, misplacing or even losing them – nor can they be stolen. In addition, your own hardware does not need to be adapted and upgraded as most cloud services can be used via a web browser or a client. A further advantage is the possibility of accessing the respective cloud service at any time and with different devices, whether stationary or mobile. The only requirement, apart from having a compatible device, is a functioning Internet connection. In addition, data such as pictures, documents, music or videos can be exchanged, shared and jointly edited with others by setting up appropriate access rights for friends, family or work colleagues. This means you don’t have to be in the same place, exchange media, or email rows for collaborative projects. If required and with the appropriate authorization, the data can also be downloaded locally.


Disadvantages of the use of cloud services can be found mainly area of security. The computer systems of cloud service providers have to be maintained and secured with great technical and financial effort. One reason for this is the recurring hacker attacks on servers of well-known cloud providers such as Google or Amazon. These attacks often aim to capture personal user data as well as data stored on the storage servers. A further drawback is the open transfer of data – open above all because every cloud provider informs about this in its terms of use. In most cases, account and login data such as name, address, email, telephone number and payment information must be stored in order to use cloud services. And of course this data is stored, used for the provision of the service and partly – depending on the provider and data protection declaration – also passed on. In the case of cloud storage services, similar rules also apply to the data stored in the cloud. Another problem is that the content is not only stored or passed on, but sometimes also copied, moved, modified, evaluated, logged or used for other purposes. In accordance with the terms of use of most cloud providers, this is done within the framework of applicable data protection guidelines – but this is particularly relative when EU citizens fall back on cloud services that have placed their company headquarters and servers in non-European countries.

What the privacy statements of the individual cloud storage services look like is described in the article Cloud providers: What about data protection?

Advantages and disadvantages of the cloud for companies


The advantages of using cloud services for companies are, among other things, the saving of sometimes considerable investments for services that can simply be rented from external service providers in the cloud. This saves costs in terms of both personnel and hardware. This also means that no long-term capital commitment is required, since the costs for all the services required, such as the use of hardware resources or special application software, are usually billed monthly and can therefore be easily calculated. In addition, the costs for renting a cloud solution are generally much lower than the costs for purchasing your own hardware and software, which correspond to the desired service. The fact that hardware in particular requires regular upgrades in order to remain up-to-date with the latest technology is also a significant cost factor that is not incurred when using a cloud service and is transferred to the respective provider. This also applies to cost-intensive preventive measures for failure protection. A further advantage is the saving of costs for IT specialists, who must always maintain and repair the infrastructure, since this personnel is provided by the cloud provider. Another advantage for companies is the good adaptability of the respective services. The amount of storage space, computing power and software package can thus be precisely selected and adapted to actual requirements at any time. In addition, several branches or company locations can be easily connected to the IT infrastructure used at low cost. Ultimately, the security factor can also be mentioned as an advantage. Access to resources by a company’s employees is controlled by the cloud provider’s administration. The same applies to access protection to computer systems.


Disadvantages for companies are, for example, dependency on the supplier, who may not take sufficient care of customers, may not be able to provide sufficient capacity or may become unable to act due to insolvency. This would of course have a negative impact on all services that a company has booked with the cloud service provider concerned and possibly already paid for. When a company uses a cloud provider, the question also arises as to what happens best in the long term for handling sensitive, company-related data. If you leave this to the care of the service provider, you inevitably enter into a certain dependency. The same applies to one’s own IT competence: if one has no or only a few experts in the company who are familiar with the technology, hardware and software, one is largely dependent on the performance of the cloud provider. The quality of the Internet connection can also be critical. Especially in rural areas, high-speed Internet has often not yet arrived.

Bottom line

Nowadays, you can’t do without cloud computing at all. Many private users use cloud services from Google, Amazon or Microsoft, and cloud services for areas such as CRM, CMS, project management, security or data storage are very popular with companies. If you can strike an acceptable balance between these advantages and disadvantages as a private individual or as a company manager, I think cloud computing is a highly recommendable solution. Some drawbacks may be negligible, especially when compared to the weight of some benefits and the benefits they bring. Ultimately, of course, everyone has to decide for themselves whether and to what extent it makes sense to go for a cloud solution.

What do you think about cloud computing? Are you already using cloud solutions? Just write your experiences and opinions in the comments.

PS4 – Can Sony’s console actually catch a virus?

It’s an obvious question, actually: Can the PS4 and PS4 Pro catch a virus? People who are familiar with the technical framework of Sony’s console now have an answer. If you have an affinity for video games, chances are you have a PS4 on your home shelves that regularly connects to the Internet to download updates, update friends lists, update trophies and search for new patches.But can it actually happen that your PS4 catches a virus? The knowledgeable minds of have addressed this question and delivered an interesting answer.

Secure Yourself With A VPN

You can secure your PS4 with a VPN software, how you can do that and which provider is best can be found at http://vpnps4.com/.

Not all viruses are the same

First of all, it is important to understand that the operating system of the PS4 is not comparable to the architecture of the operating system of a PC. Due to these differences, viruses that should infect a console have to be programmed differently than on a PC – so there is no “risk of infection” between the devices.

Revolution Pro Controller for PS4 – Video introduces features of the official licensed controller 1:51 Revolution Pro Controller for PS4 – Video introduces features of the official licensed controller

However, this also means that the classic virus scanners for the PC do not work on the console. Here you need your own programs, which are actually offered in the PSN store: Trend Micro Security provides a software package for a fee to protect against unwanted attacks and infections – which is particularly worthwhile if you frequently use the web browser via PS4.

Firmware updates as the most important defense

According to the PS4Home team, Sony itself still offers the most effective defensive ring against viruses: “Even when the PS4 went on sale, the manufacturer assured that they always keep a watchful eye on the security of their devices and will immediately play a firmware update in the event of an attack – and that worked well and reliably at least in the past.

So can the PS4 be infected with viruses? Yes, it can, but they have to be programmed specifically for the console architecture. This is time-consuming and in most cases not as worthwhile as programming a PC virus that can infect significantly more end devices.

Can users protect themselves against the viruses? Yes, but only to a limited extent, with the help of third-party software, but the past has shown that it is probably safest to store as little private information as possible on the console on the one hand and on the other hand to rely on Sony’s quick reaction, which in the event of a global virus attack will screw together a suitable firmware update. Have you ever had to deal with a virus on the PS4?

3 VR Pornography Ideas For The Samsung Tools

VR sex movie sit and spin method: The purpose of virtual-reality centers all around getting the encounter in 360-degrees. However, have you ever actually place one of those safety glasses in your mind (and maybe you should, its some thing), you are feeling quite dizzy in the event that you are taking a stand. Better is that you will be seated down and relish your movie ( VR porno films are quite ill in this). I guarantee that should you be taking a stand and begin shifting about in your digital universe, that you may excursion onto some thing and struck the floor.

Incidentally, on the period, some headphones will work on that component like the HTC Vive by placing a cam in very front of the VR equipment and therefore it is possible to to find out what’s happening around you with out that divert you from your virtual-reality movie, which will be excellent lets be honest 🙂 Therefore, my advice here would be to catch a Rotating seat and revel in some 360 pornography. This way it is possible to swing and flip just as much as you need without slipping down or getting dizzy. Click here to know all the headsets on the market right now to compare.

VR pornography is really much sexier with sound

Today, for a few of you this may be a no brainer but believe me me after I let you know it is not true for for all of us. There continue to be people out there which open their cellular or their notebook computer and commence seeing VR pornography without placing their earphones or headphones on (because nobody may love viewing pornography without headphone you understand why haha). Btw, check this Livecam Comparison for the best shows at the moment.

Also, if we discuss the immersive experience or aspect, I dont understand about you, but also for me personally I’m way more engrossed in what I’m seeing or playing when I could set the appear straight in my ears. It lets you remove entirely also it makes a difference. Additionally a little guidance for my part, don’t use Blue Tooth headset as you are going to miss out on a number of the standard. In cases like this, you better-off with a few traditional born head sets.

VR pornography is best appreciated alone

Finally, stop exactly what encompasses one to love VR porno films at their finest. Particularly today that over fifty percent of men and women are seeing these videos on mobile phones, it may be regularly extremely upsetting to be disturbed by calls, texts or another matter. That requires from the immersive experience as well as delivers you right back to reality, some thing equally you and I dont need. Fortunately, to the Oculus, it is possible to concentrate your cursor on DoN’t Affect and therefore you’ll be diversion-free! Surely that additional companies may follow the exact same route and do exactly the same and and therefore if you’ve got yet another apparatus, dont stress considerably.

Bitcoin Rules By European Council – Good Or Bad

The ordinance of digital monies from the European Council produces unnecessarily weight on trades, but in once provides and other cryptocurrencies and legitimacy, states a Western Parliament adviser on the issue.

We questioned Chester, who’s a subscriber at Forbes.com, a top payroll business in Europe as well as the the pinnacle of Bitwage, what he considers the procedure and how the r may change: 8 eco-system. He could be part of a functional team which is contacting with the European Parliament about blockchain and virtual money .


In the view of Jonathan, the total theory is a point that was good, but the manner regulation is applied might be a thing that was negative if they should put limitations for the use for things like bitcoin blackjack.

He explained the primary good for ordinance is the legitimacy that includes it. According to him, for present consumers of Bitcoin, a lot of people believe ordinance isn’t essential, as it it generates unnecessarily burdens equally on the deals they want to make use of as well as the customers themselves as the deals will need to pass these weights on by means of of heftier Know-Your-Customer tests and improved prices.


Yet, he also said the legality becomes necessary to generate trust on a popular level, with main stream amount symbolized by regular consumers, businesses considering leveraging the technologies those who are unbanked, as well as the banks themselves.

He further explained how his firm and several businesses have discussed of who’d want to consider utilizing technologies like Bitwage’s on the subject, saying that trust is definitely an issue. “Are you performing your KYC correctly? What associates have you been working with? May the authorities come after us for working with you?”

In accordance with Jonathan: “By being controlled, you develop a degree of trust that reduces these barriers, as the businesses know that you’ve got the blessing of the authorities. This blessing can be essential for users who may not understand so much regarding the technologies we utilize, aka Bitcoin & blockchain, and must depend on on 3rd parties to understand that corporations will not be ponzi schemes.”


On the demerits of ordinance, Jonathan’s view is the fact that the negative is if ordinance is overly brutal, like in times where there’s an excessive amount of rules, consumers may go on to to clandestine trades, darkish marketplaces, and de-centralized trades to get around the prices which were handed down to them through controlled things. This is going to result in such unregulated markets while things wanting to follow the the guidelines may die a way, booming, which may probably possess the reverse impact of what’s needed, that will be much more consumer-protection and less money-laundering. He mentioned a good example of regulation which goes too much as what may be found in Estonia.

Stating that now, there exists a choice being made regarding whether arbitration, facilitation, selling of bitcoins on account of yet another is known as an alternate method of warrants and payment obtaining a permit that is local. Attorneys state that as a part of the permit, when customers register for the very first time face-to-face, it’s necessary for associations to execute Know-Your-Customer research. Find out on this website in which branch people love to spend bitcoin the most.

Therefore if a business has Estonian and French clients sign up, they should meet with face-to-face having an organization consultant. Jonathan considers that this type of situation is clearly going way too much, as not simply would nearly all businesses that are Bitcoin not be able to meet this kind of condition, but more conventional businesses like Paypal at the same time.