Naughty America VR is here and it is frightening how realistic it’s

fantasy-639115_640  I have tried lots of virtual reality experiences that were distinct. Some great, some horrible, and some extremely impressive. But mainly great.

VR pornography never, nevertheless, attempted.

Would I just be a viewer in an area seeing folks get? Or would I really be having VR sex?

I got my reply when I fell on hit play and a Samsung Gear VR headset on a VR pornography video.

I saw some man’s buff body and looked down. Well, that is not mine, I considered to myself. I had been lost. The body of whose was this? Afterward I understood, I used to be now this man.

Despite the fact that I had been aware that the man’s body was not really mine and the two porn stars were not actually there, I believed they were real. The more the porn girls rubbed their ends against me and jiggled their breasts, the more I internalized being the VR pornography man.

Things got really strange, that is all I will say.

stock-624712_640One thing I noticed about the VR pornography videos of was the small field of view. I really could just actually look forwards because the videos support 180-degrees of head tracking rather than a complete 360-degrees like other VR encounters.

The male torso in the VR video eventually felt the female porn stars felt more lifelike and like it was mine.

I was told by a Naughty America representative its VR porn videos all are 180-degree POV encounters. Why would you need to appear in almost any way but in front of you when you are having VR sex? Great point.

During another VR pornography video, a porn star leaned in to lock lips because her VR existence felt real that I recoiled back. There was not, any odor, of course.

Like many other VR encounters, VR pornography is immersive.

I truly did feel like I was nearer to the “actions.”

vr-911031_640Right now, Naughty America just has around two dozen VR pornography videos because of its subscribers to encounter. The organization ‘s chief information officer, Ian Paul, told me they are making one to two new VR pornography videos weekly. That is not a lot of VR pornography content to look at right now, but as more users be interested in VR pornography, Naughty America will ramp production up appropriately to satisfy with demand.

I am an advocate for many new technologies that push video mediums to another degree, and I do not believe anyone who experiences it’ll be able to go back to 2D pornography after trying out VR pornography. It is not that unrealistic.

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