Premier League: Watford FC introduces Bitcoin jersey advertising

The English football club Watford FC enters the stadiums with advertising for Bitcoin. This is stated in a press release of the club. It is the declared aim of the campaign to educate about Bitcoin and crypto currencies.

In addition to the imprint on the jerseys, there will also be a crowdfunding campaign, which will only accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Fans will for example be able to book box seats in the “Bitcoin Box” and watch the matches exclusively.

It is a perfect fit because bitcoin sports betting has become pretty popular, at you can see all leagues which are available. The campaign is no coincidence, but part of the sponsoring by the sports betting provider ““. This enables bets to be settled with Bitcoin and became a sponsor of Watford FC in June 2019.

Crypto currencies more and more present

Sports events are an excellent way for companies to advertise. It can be observed that more partnerships are emerging in football. For example, the Turkish crypto exchange BtcTurk sponsors Yeni Malatyaspor.

  • New projects are also emerging outside of pure jersey advertising.
  • A partnership between Arsenal London and Fantastec was announced at the beginning of the year.
  • The blockchain app “SWAP” enables fans to purchase and manage digital collectibles.
  • Similar offers exist in the USA. There, the NBA has announced the game “NBA Top Shot”, which will offer players similar possibilities.

The mainstream leads to adoption

The increasing presence of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in the public domain promotes the acceptance and dissemination of crypto currencies. However, this is only the beginning.

Various studies have shown in the past that relatively few people worldwide invest in crypto currencies or use them themselves. Thus, there is still a gigantic growth potential.

Based on the efforts of international corporations such as Facebook, it is foreseeable that this is not a short-term phenomenon. Otherwise one would hardly have an interest in starting Libra. This makes the education about Bitcoin and the advantages of decentralized crypto currencies all the more important.

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