PS4 – Can Sony’s console actually catch a virus?

It’s an obvious question, actually: Can the PS4 and PS4 Pro catch a virus? People who are familiar with the technical framework of Sony’s console now have an answer. If you have an affinity for video games, chances are you have a PS4 on your home shelves that regularly connects to the Internet to download updates, update friends lists, update trophies and search for new patches.But can it actually happen that your PS4 catches a virus? The knowledgeable minds of have addressed this question and delivered an interesting answer.

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Not all viruses are the same

First of all, it is important to understand that the operating system of the PS4 is not comparable to the architecture of the operating system of a PC. Due to these differences, viruses that should infect a console have to be programmed differently than on a PC – so there is no “risk of infection” between the devices.

Revolution Pro Controller for PS4 – Video introduces features of the official licensed controller 1:51 Revolution Pro Controller for PS4 – Video introduces features of the official licensed controller

However, this also means that the classic virus scanners for the PC do not work on the console. Here you need your own programs, which are actually offered in the PSN store: Trend Micro Security provides a software package for a fee to protect against unwanted attacks and infections – which is particularly worthwhile if you frequently use the web browser via PS4.

Firmware updates as the most important defense

According to the PS4Home team, Sony itself still offers the most effective defensive ring against viruses: “Even when the PS4 went on sale, the manufacturer assured that they always keep a watchful eye on the security of their devices and will immediately play a firmware update in the event of an attack – and that worked well and reliably at least in the past.

So can the PS4 be infected with viruses? Yes, it can, but they have to be programmed specifically for the console architecture. This is time-consuming and in most cases not as worthwhile as programming a PC virus that can infect significantly more end devices.

Can users protect themselves against the viruses? Yes, but only to a limited extent, with the help of third-party software, but the past has shown that it is probably safest to store as little private information as possible on the console on the one hand and on the other hand to rely on Sony’s quick reaction, which in the event of a global virus attack will screw together a suitable firmware update. Have you ever had to deal with a virus on the PS4?

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